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Hear My Roar

Have you been there?

That moment when you’re sitting in a meeting and everyone is discussing a project or challenge and they come up with a solution and everyone jumps on it.

Everyone that is apart from you.

You are sitting there thinking I’m not sure about this, I think there is another option, a different direction. But all the while this initial solution is gaining momentum…everyone is nodding and agreeing…very quickly actions are being discussed, tasks are being allocated…momentum has taken over and now you feel it’s too late to say anything.

You think you’d look daft if you started to suggest something else now, or point out some of the implications of this now great solution. You’d be raining on everyones parade, stopping the enthusiasm. Plus what would they all think of you if you did speak out, it would hardly be welcomed would it? Why should your opinion have any bearing?

So instead of saying anything you get on board with the crowd and the meeting finishes and you’ve become one of the nodders, a sheep just going along with everything everyone else has agreed to.

Easily done, I mean you can justify that it wasn’t like anyone else was putting forward any other options or challenging what they were suggesting. Plus you’re already busy so this is easy just to get on with things.

So why then after the meeting are you beating yourself up about not saying anything, about not putting forward your opinion? You think eventually they are going to come to the conclusions you have already. But who knows when that will be and by then people will have wasted time and then you’ll all be back in the same meeting, asking the same questions, waiting on someone to come up with another idea. You could have prevented that.

Does this sound familiar?

What is it about those situations that makes us freeze, that makes us second guess our own awareness, capability and knowledge? There are many reasons such as going against the crowd, having to justify your thoughts and opinions, worrying that even if you do speak out your thoughts and opinions will not be valued or taken seriously, the self doubt creeps in and before you know it you think your window of opportunity has passed.

How often will you let this pattern repeat itself?

I mean think about why you are there in the first place, why are you at this meeting? You’re not there as some innocent by-stander, you are there as the person with the knowledge, with the expertise to help with this situation.

So how can you find your voice and the courage to speak out and roar to be heard and to advise and make sure people know what you know, to really start to make a difference. Because you can you know, you really can. You just need to understand what is silencing you and causing you to be a sheep.

Take the time to reflect on what is silencing you and muffling your roar. Think about how you can take first steps to whisper, to then share and use those opinions to your advantage. Practice your roar!!

Have the courage to become the lion.

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